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Soft colours and pleasant fragrances, water, warmth and steam. Relaxing moments in our Spa area are made using a combination of all of these. You can choose one of the following three saunas : Traditional. A trip to the Finnish Sauna, heated to 90° Celsius, , improves blood circulation and metabolism. Soft. In the bio-sauna you can detoxify your body in the more bearable temperature of 60° Celsius. Stimulating. Your skin will be cleansed and feel soft to the touch after you’ve come out of the 40° Celsius steam bath. In the resting area you can relax and daydream or would you prefer to cool down by jumping into the pool?
In the indoor pool with Hydromassage you can swim a couple of lengths or enjoy yourself splashing around in the water.

You want to return home fitter, more relaxed and more beautiful than when you arrived?
The Spa at Winkler offers a range of massages, bathing and beauty treatments for relaxing, invigorating or just being pampered.




Turkish steambath: approx. 45°

Finnish Sauna: approx. 90°

Herbal Sauna with 50% humidity: approx. 60°

Our wellness treatments for you

Combined back-massage and foot reflexology

A relaxing combination of a back-massage and foot reflexology 56,00 €

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Hay bath or fango

with partial massage 56,00 €

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