Cutting, filing, cuticle removal with hand massage (35 min) € 32,00
with Nail Polish (ca. 45 min) € 38,00


Cutting, filing, cuticle removal with foot massage (35 min.) € 40,00
with Nail Polish (ca. 45 min) € 45,00

Face treatment

Cleansing, peeling, eyebrow shaping, massage, cream mask and day cream
Duration: 50 min.

52,00 €

Hey bath

The power of Alpine herbs has a strengthening effect on body and mind, fights fatigue and increases the activity.

30,00 €

Bath of Cleopatra

… in the emperor tub. Is a valuable, mineralising and moisturizing bath in a combination of goat milk and cream-oil.

20,00 €

Oil cream bath

The refatting evening primrose oil cream bath in the soft pack bed, is particularly represents a special treatment for prematurely aging skin. The effect is an intensive moisturizing the skin while providing intensive care of the epidermis.

30,00 €

Algae pack in the soft pack bed

Due to the special composition of the seaweed purifying pack two mechanisms are triggered: Draining and detoxifying processes.

30,00 €

Fango from the Death Sea

… In the soft pack bed. Fango is understood ground rock flour (partly of volcanic origin), which is mixed with water to form a paste-like mush. In cosmetics, mud is applied to the peeling and skin cleansing. Overheating cause a full body exfoliation and purifies the skin.

30,00 €